Our Story

Jeep BULUO is a famous business brand all over the world. It was born out of a young men's passion for creating exquisite handmade polyester leather articles. It all started in a small town, where BULUO, a Handmade Leather Artist, started giving shapes to clients through shelves on coffee shops, gas stations and super markets. A few years later, customer feedback inspired him to do better and bigger, and the growing demand for his products exposed him to artists like from around the world. In the past five years, we have expanded our business and offered a wide range of handmade polyester leather products to customers all over the world. We always provide handmade exclusive quality and best service to our customers.

To become a thoughtful consumer

Our everyday actions have an impact on our world. Choosing to not buy a product that feels far from our values is choosing to combat harmful practices.

It is possible today to choose alternative options to leather that respects the animals, the environment and the workers. The quality and the durability of these alternative materials are as good as the leather ones. Choosing to buy vegan products, conceived with respect is choosing to support ethical values and saying “no” to a harmful industry that causes suffering and pollution.

The vegan products are designed without leather and without any products of animal origin. The materials used are solvent-free synthetic fibers that come from Italy. The inner lining is made of natural cereals fibers.  Each our products is ethical without making any compromises on the style?